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Low Key Lovin' A Hood Millionaire Author:


Navy is fed up with her cheating boyfriend of four years. Pokey has cheated on her so many times that she has lost count. This time, she’s fed up. After getting payback and fighting one of his tricks, she meets Ocho Diaz-Santana. Navy falls head over heels for him, seduced by his constant attention, good looks, charm, and bedroom skills. However, Ocho is a ladies’ man at heart. He likes spending time with multiple women. Settling down is not a part of his plan. Navy is heartbroken when she realizes she is just a notch on his belt. \n \nOcho Diaz-Santana belongs to the biggest, strongest and most ruthless cartel in the world. Not only did his last name ring bells around the world, but everyone knew his family had the best product, hands down. As a favor, the cartel fronted the money for Ocho and his friend Apollo to open Smoke & Chill Dispensary. \n \nBusiness was good, but they needed more money to afford the loan payment to the cartel. As a result, Ocho and Apollo end up making a few bad business decisions, including getting mixed up with the hood’s most notorious criminal, Menace, who has a reputation for murdering his last plug. Will doing business with him cost them everything? \nApollo is caught up in the day-to-day operations when he gets into an altercation with Junie over a pizza given to him by mistake. They exchange words, arguing in front of the parlor, ready to fight. In the midst of their dispute, their eyes meet, and sparks fly. Something happens that neither one of them wanted to admit, but everyone around them sees the chemistry they share. \n \nUnforeseen love and petty love mixed with street beefs, fake loyalty, and payback. Follow the crew’s shenanigans in Low Key Lovin’ A Hood Millionaire: A Flewed Out Spin Off. \n \n  \n \nThis is a must-read if you’re into millionaire romance, African American romance, and urban fiction! Don't miss this unputdownable drama of hood love!

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