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A Philly Millionaire Snatched My Soul Author: Yona Pearson


Life in Philly for Ahniyah and Dominique was only what they could make of it. Trying to survive the struggle of the projects as well as the curves every day life brings them. Ahniyah faces a problem with her mother and sister, forcing her out on the streets. The dreams she had for her life quickly become her vision again. With the only job she’s ever had quickly snatched away from her, Ahniyah is forced to survive on what little she had and the hustler ambition she developed at a young age. Things change for the better when Brick comes into her life and makes her feel like a woman should. \n \nFor twenty-one-year-old Dominique, life seemed perfect. Working clubs and getting money was her lifestyle. Giving her godson who she was raising as her own the lifestyle she wished she had as a kid was her main and only focus. However, when working in the clubs goes from great to life threatening, she’s forced to give up the only way she knows how to make money. Meeting Dakari turns her life into a new light, encouraging her to believe in herself even more. \n \nDespite the guys seeming perfect for them, things begin to spiral out of control and each girl finds themselves in something deeper than they could’ve ever imagined. Find out just how many risks these girls are willing to take when A Philly Millionaire Snatches their soul…


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