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My Heart Belongs To A Miami Millionaire 2 Author: Siren


\n \nJanuary Jones is heartbroken in more ways than one. Her ex-husband has fathered her cousin’s baby, and blows are bound to fly. But her pain isn’t short lived as more secrets are revealed. At this point January sees that no one can be trusted, including her man, Dro. January needs to figure out if she is going to follow her heart or trust her instinct. \n \nAlejandro “Dro” Thomas is being attacked on all sides, and it doesn’t help that he may lose January in the process. Dro is trying to hold on to his empire and his girl, but a new foe is determined to take them both, leaving Dro broke and without January. \n \nSecrecy is the name of the game, and everyone is playing dirty, including January. January’s heart may belong to a Miami Millionaire, but once Dro finds out what she has been hiding, her love may not be enough for Dro to stay. Hop on this rollercoaster of love, secrets, and drama in this part two of this three-book series. \n \n


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