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The Wife Of A Certified Henchman 2 Author:


Secrets were revealed and hearts were broken in part one, but who is left to pick up the pieces and try again?


Makeda lost the love of her life but gained a new love with her pregnancy blossoming. New state and new job, she can’t be stopped. Hiding from Kadafi had proven correct until the unthinkable happens and their paths cross again. Who will be there when the dust settles?


Rhomyrin has always been a hothead but meets his match with Nandi. When he loves, he loves hard, but can Nandi handle how he loves?


Ez and Noremi have the match made in heaven love, every woman’s dream is her reality, but what happens when her past comes back to haunt her in the oddest way?


Get ready to witness as lines are crossed and no feelings are spared when a henchman has a hold on their heart that these women can’t shake.

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