In Thug Love With A Chi-Town Millionaire Author: J. Dominique


Ca’Mahri Harris is no stranger to the ups and downs of love. In fact, she’s experienced more of the latter than anything, but that hasn’t stopped her from giving it all she’s got every time. She’s the type that can overlook a flaw or two if she sees her man has potential but when her latest boyfriend takes things too far, there’s no excuse that can save their relationship. His antics after their split land her right in the crosshairs of a handsome and rude yet helpful stranger. Unable to deny the attraction, Ca’Mahri soon finds herself right back where she started, but will things finally work in her favor this time?


Dinero Banks’s name says it all. He’s got the money, the looks, and a mindset that doesn’t leave room for much besides his family and his bank account. After losing the woman he thought would be his, he buries himself into his businesses, both legal and illegal, only making time for women when pleasure is involved. When he first meets Ca’Mahri, he can’t help but be intrigued by the fiery beauty. It’s something about her that has him switching his views on love despite his reluctance, but will he be able to give her everything she needs when his heart is still with another woman?


Camille Harris is the exact opposite of her sister. It didn’t take her long to figure out a cheat code for dating, and she uses it to her advantage. She’s got a list that she swears by to keep herself from getting played and it’s worked well for her, but a chance encounter with Cash Banks flips her entire world off its axis. He’s literally everything that her list tells her to stay away from: good in bed, a father, and not to mention he’s one of the cockiest thugs she’s ever met. Unfortunately for Camille, though, Cash doesn’t know how to take no for an answer and isn’t willing to just let her slip away.


Cash Banks has been living the life every man dreams of, with money and women at his disposal. Running into Camille immediately has him looking for more than one night though. There isn’t much that Cash won’t do to get what he wants and when it comes to Camille, that statement holds true. Despite her resistance, he works his way into her life, but will he be able to completely win over Camille’s cold heart? Or will he mess up before they can even get started?


With all the things these couples have against them, it’s sure to be drama, drama, and more drama coming up. Find out what happens when you fall in thug love with a Chi-Town millionaire.

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