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Never Cry Over Another Nigga Again Author:


Young, beautiful, and naïve, Kenasia is an easy target for any man looking for a chick to groom as his own. With all the traits instilled in her to “keep her man happy while sacrificing her own happiness,” she soon learns that is not at all the way a woman should be. A turn of events in her life has her second guessing all she believes in. After vowing to never cry over another man again, Kenasia commits an unthinkable act, landing her somewhere new. With a fresh start, a tarnished past, and traumatizing memories, how long will she be able to dodge the inevitable? \n \nNow a free man, Shine has the chance to start his life anew. Wanting to make his parents proud, his mind is solely focused on being his own boss. Meeting Kenasia makes him question if his life is heading in the right direction. Never experiencing love, he is faced with trying to understand its true meaning. Shine is a “movement by himself,” but he knows that Kenasia “makes him better.” Is he ready to be the man Kenasia needs him to be? \n \nShine and Kenasia both struggle with putting the broken pieces of their past back together. Will they be able to do it together? Or will they find that they are better off apart?

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