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Movin' Different 3: A Hood Millionaire Romance Author:


McKenzie is doing all she can to move on from Malakai and what they shared. She is focusing on motherhood and enjoying the fruits of her labor while trying to make her family work with Chase. Although skeptical at first, McKenzie decides to officially give Chase a chance to prove he can be a faithful family man. With McKenzie giving him another chance, Chase finally lets Diane go and dedicates himself to being the man he knows Kenzie wants. There’s only one secret that Chase plans on taking to his grave, but it doesn’t take long for that secret to blow up in his face and backfire, showing Kenzie he hasn’t changed. \n \nMalakai has been fighting for his life, literally. While healing from being shot, his mindset is on healing so he can get back to Kenzie. He knows that while he’s gone, Kenzie is doing her; therefore, he feels he can do him when both Tasia and Kim rope him into a situation he can’t resist. After a while, he realizes it’s not what he wants and severs all ties, doing all he can to get back to the woman he truly loves. \n \nWill Kenzie and Blaze finally put the games to bed and take their relationship seriously, or will the time apart and dirt they’ve both done be too much for them to overcome? Join Kenzie and Blaze as they continue to maneuver their way through life and figure out if they are in each other’s lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

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