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One Minute I Hate You 3 Author:


Author Leilani concludes this bestselling series with One Minute I Hate You 3. This hood love finale is full of heartbreak, tragedy, and unsuspected romance. \n \nThe final installment of this fast paced drama picks up from where part two left off. Romeo’s hot-head ways caused him to learn the hard way. His past actions caught up to him and may have cost him and Kamara their life. \n \nMeanwhile, Zaryah has finally let her guard down with that man she loves. But can that love survive the damage that has already been done? Zoo never had a love so real, but he was sitting on secrets that could end their relationship for life. The load on his shoulders has tripled since the beginning. He’s on the verge of losing it all. \n \nThen there’s an angry Lenoir. She is nothing to be tampered with and turns up the heat on Zoo after they have a falling out. Causing issues was never on the agenda, but a broken heart and unwanted feelings will do that to you. Things between her and Zoo quickly spiral out of control. \n \nFind out who’s still standing after unforeseen tragedies fall into everyone’s lap. This finale is loaded with unexpected surprises that will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. Did Kamara and Romeo make it out alive? \n \n 

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