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Who Wants That Perfect Hood Love Anyway Author:


From author Celeste Moore comes a heart-racing and drama-filled urban romance that asks: Who wants that perfect hood love anyway? \n \nIt’s always been a hard knock life for twenty-three-year-old Niomie Oliver. With a beautiful baby girl to raise, she’s had to bury her trauma to be the best mother she could be. But when struggles from her past cause her to lose her job, she is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Feeling like she owes the world to her man Arlo for always sticking by her side, she gives in to his crazy idea to keep the money flowing in the household. However, things don’t go as planned, and Niomie finally begins to see the man he truly is. Will she stick it out and ride for her man like always? Or will Arlo’s latest betrayal push her into the arms of a better man? \n \nOn the outside looking in, Silas Montgomery looks to be a young entrepreneur getting to his money. He’s handsome, owns a tattoo shop, drives the hottest cars, and has no problem getting women. His father is the pastor at one of the biggest churches in Dallas, and everything seems normal with the Montgomery family. However, under the guise of Christianity lies a crime family that no one suspected. \n \nWhen Silas first met Niomie, he wasn’t looking for anything more than a rebound. That changed once he quickly realized their chemistry was out of this world. With a glimpse into Niomie’s past, he had no worries about her man, and he was up for the challenge of winning her over. All of that changed when a shocking secret was uncovered. Niomie’s good girl image was shattered in his eyes once he realized that she was linked to his family’s organization. Will Silas give her the chance to explain herself? Or will his loyalty to his family make him dead their situation, both figuratively and literally?

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