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Messin' Around With A Hood Boss 3: An Urban Romance Finale Author:


The bosses had to boss up for a check, but now they’ve got to step on some necks. \n \nThe gang faces cruel and harsh realities in the finale. Tempers begin to flare when secrets and truths begin to unravel. Reeling from the shooting of Kash, Keysha tries hard to keep the faith along with the rest of the gang, hoping that he will pull through. Although their relationship has been put to the ultimate test, she knows he’s her world. Bando and Tu vow to hit the streets for revenge, all while dealing with their own relationship and woman drama. Bando tries to move on and find happiness, but he’s struggling to come to terms with what he really needs. \n \nMeanwhile, Niya finds out the hard way that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side when spicy secrets come to light regarding her new beau, Free. Her world comes tumbling down on all sides, especially once her own secrets surrounding the father of her child come to light. \n \nRemy finds herself on a path of destruction behind Monte, and a near tragedy hits close to home after her rigid lifestyle catches up to her. The streets have been quiet since the shooting of head honcho Kash. However, all receive a shocking blow once the team comes together to get blood from all that wronged them. Has Kash survived the brutal bullets he was dealt? Or will the team come falling down, and the streets be ruled by Monte after all? \n \nAshes to ashes and dust to dust; it’s the final installment of jealousy, lies, shooters, and lust.

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