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My Heart Belongs To A Miami Millionaire Author: Siren



January loved her life as a trophy wife. But she is in store for a rude awaking when the feds slap them handcuffs on her wrists. Her husband Malik has been a very busy man. Pimping, money laundering, and tax evasion to just to name a few. Broke, homeless, and pending criminal charges, January has no choice but to move back home to Miami. Having a man is the last thing on her mind.


Alejandro “Dro” is trying to keep his illegal enterprise afloat and raise his daughter. Dro doesn’t have time for love. But his daughter’s new preschool teacher has him reconsidering. January is very open about her past, but little does she know is that Dro has his own secrets. Secrets that may end their budding relationship.


Betrayal is the name of the game and no one is exempted including Dro and January. Love just might not be enough to keep them together as secret after secret wreaks havoc. Everybody wants a man with deep pockets, but January is learning quickly that just because your heart belongs to a millionaire doesn’t mean things are Gucci.

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