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Flewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss 3 Author: Princess Diamond


Shots are fired \n \nBodies have dropped \n \nFunerals are scheduled \n \nIn this third installment, all hell has broken loose. Boujee and Bandz are in jail. Zacari and Zotica must step up and take control in their absences. \n \nLife was blissful for this kindred couple. Zotica and Zacari hit it off instantly, falling in love. The twosome started to build a new family with their two small children. However, while they were living in paradise, their exes were spiteful. \n \nZacari’s relationship with his child’s mother, Charmaine, was laughable. She was a horrible mother. She ran the streets and partied her life away. Charmaine’s focus has been on everything except taking care of her child. As a result, the state steps in, opening a child protection case. Zacari is so upset. His worst nightmare has come true because his daughter might be ripped away from him. \n \nZotica’s relationship with her child’s father, Skeet, is beyond toxic. Skeet has cheated on her repeatedly, and he is still in a relationship with his side chick, Moxie. Zotica forgave Skeet because he is still Allie’s father. However, when a cordial meeting between them goes left, Zacari shows up with his gun blasting. \n \nFlewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss 3 is jaw-dropping with relentless drama. One click this suspenseful read immediately. You will not be disappointed. Period.

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