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Property Of A Hood Millionaire 3 Author: Tiece


There is nothing like a mutual bond of attraction and love between a thug and his queen. \n \nKiyomi has fallen for Dodge, the man that clearly has swept her off her feet. Even though things on the inside seem to be going well, things on the outside are unraveling faster than the eye could see. \n \nKinsley has been kidnapped, and the race is on to get her back alive. With secrets unveiled and a possible suitor unexpectedly coming into the mix, how will this unforeseen event play out? \n \nHendrix is still vying for Kiyomi’s attention, but with Dodge on the horizon, will his efforts continue to go unnoticed? \n \nKeisha is like a pesky gnat that just won’t go away. With her sights set on the bigger picture, will she finally get what she’s been forever longing for? \n \nProperty of a Hood Millionaire series is a love story capturing relatable drama that’s heart-pounding, sassy, and unputdownable. Centered around love or the lack thereof, experience the journey bordering Kiyomi, Dodge, and their surrounding friends and family as they navigate life’s obstacles. Hands down one of the best series you’ll read this year. Period.

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