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He Calls Me Wifey: A Hood Love Story Author: Theresa Reese


What do you do when the one you love may be the one you should hate? Love comes with ebbs and flows but, when it comes with possible betrayal, it's toxic and possibly deadly. \n \nMeet Kori. She's more than eye candy and comes with baggage that Edo doesn’t know he can handle. \n \nEdo, the nephew of a top record label executive, has his eyes set on taking over once his uncle steps down. Deuce, however, has options. One being Diesel, his nephew’s best friend, who doesn’t know what’s going on but wants to take charge. \n \nAs secrets unfold, trust withers away. Even if it's with the one you want to give your all to. \n \nWill Kori and Edo beat the odds and discover a way to have it all, or will personal family vendettas get in the way? Love can be more than enough when love is all you want but, when there is more on the line, a deadly end may be the outcome. \n \nFind out if Kori and Edo can survive this Hood love story.

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