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#1 Bestselling author J. Dominique released part one to her best selling series to date, Low Key Fallin For A Savage. Low Key Fallin For A Savage and Low Key Fallin For A Savage 2 both reached the number one spot in African American Women’s Fiction via Amazon. After much anticipation, J. Dominique is set to release the finale to her hit series, Low Key Fallin For A Savage 3, on September 14th. If you’re unfamiliar with the series or waiting for the series to be completed before reading, here’s a two chapter preview to see what the hype is all about.

Low Key Fallin For A Savage

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Chapter 1

Here we go with this shit again. This was the first thing that came to mind as I stepped foot into the small ass two-bedroom apartment that I shared with my boyfriend, Dre. After dealing with rude customers, instigating co-workers and a manager that talked way too much shit for the last eight hours; I wasn’t at all happy to see his ass still sitting in the same spot I’d left him in. Judging from the mess that surrounded him on the couch as he sat yelling at the game, it was clear that he’d only gotten up to use the bathroom and get some snacks.

“What’s up, bae!” He greeted me without turning away from the screen. I rolled my eyes but grumbled back a reply.


Without stopping to try and speak any further, I headed towards the kitchen to find an even bigger mess. It looked like Dre had eaten out of every plate and bowl we owned. There was spilled milk on the counters, some red sticky shit that I assumed was kool-aid on the table, and the garbage was overflowing. If I didn’t know any better, I would have sworn that he had a gang of niggas in our shit while I was at work. Unable to hold my tongue, I slammed my purse into one of the chairs and stormed back to the living room. I didn’t stop walking until I stood right in front of the tv instantly gaining his attention.

“Yo- what you doing Destiny!” His face twisted in anger, and he jerked forward like he was ready to hit me for the interruption.

“Why the fuck you leave the kitchen like that Dre! It was clean when I left, and now it looks like you had 20 muhfuckas eating in there!” I hadn’t even got the chance to take off my crusty ass Burger King uniform and relax before having to clean up behind somebody else. Your house was supposed to be your sanctuary, and yet half the time I barely wanted to step foot in mine. I watched his eye twitch in irritation, but I didn’t back down. Although I often tried to avoid letting our arguments get physical, I wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe with his ass. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t consider Dre to be a woman beater, even though he couldn’t beat my ass if he tried, but a few times he’d attempted to hem me up, and I automatically reverted back to the days I watched my mama get beat up by her ex. I didn’t tolerate none of that shit! I’d die before I let a nigga hit on me. Some could say that Dre abused me in other ways, I know my family damn sure did. They constantly accused him of using me for a place to stay and money to spend. While I didn’t think he was using me, I could admit that he was taking full advantage of the situation, but every time I tried to leave him alone, he’d act as if I were doing him wrong and turning my back on him like everyone else. And even though I knew that wasn’t true guilt still plagued me to the point that I let him stay every time. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place too because while I was trying to make the best of our situation, I was still fed up with it.

“That’s what the fuck this shit over?” He frowned tilting his head to the side. “You act like Yo’Sahn’s bad ass don’t live here too! I bet you ain’t ask that lil muhfucka!”

I narrowed my eyes at him, ready to go off. This was another one of his tactics, placing the blame for his shit on my 12-year-old son. Every time I asked him about anything wrong at the house, he brought Yo’Sahn into it. I didn’t know if it was because of testosterone or what but they both had a deep disdain for the other, and I always felt like I was in the middle. Sighing I pinched the bridge of my nose and tried to calm down. This was definitely not how I’d planned to spend my time once I’d gotten off. I didn’t want to argue, and I honestly didn’t want to clean up the mess that had been made either.

“Where is he?”

“His ass ain’t here! He came in after school and left right back out to go run the streets as usual!” He scoffed making me roll my eyes. He hadn’t even realized that he’d just proven that Yo’Sahn, in fact, couldn’t have fucked up the kitchen because he wasn’t there long enough to do the damage I saw.

“So, how he do all that if he only came in and left right back out?” I gave him a pointed look, and he just stared back at me blankly. He was only stuck for a second before he popped up off the couch in a huff.

“Yo, you always take his side bruh! He could’ve done that shit this morning, hell he could’ve done it before he just left! Man fuck this, I’m out!” Angrily he pushed past me and stormed off to our bedroom with me right on his heels.

“So you really bouta leave cause I asked you a question Dreon?” I asked calling him by his full name as I watched him search for clothes in disbelief. As irritated and tired as I was, I couldn’t help but admire how fine he was. Dre was caramel-skinned and tall with a slim build, which is exactly how I like my men. He kept his hair tapered on the sides with a curly Afro on top and his goatee lined to perfection. His resemblance to the actor Trevor Jackson was so strong that I honestly thought that’s who he was when he approached me five years ago. Of course, as handsome as he was he had to have some bad traits. I’d caught him cheating at least twice, and his ass couldn’t keep a job to save his life! The last time he’d punched a clock was a few months before, and he’d quit because they had him doing too much heavy lifting. He always thought that he could make more money selling weed, so I’d put him on and he would do good for about two weeks before he’d completely fall off. I didn’t know much about selling weed, but I did know that smoking your own shit didn’t make you any money, and that’s exactly what he would do while I was at work. A month ago he’d gotten some work from an unknown plug, but I honestly hadn’t seen the fruits of it. He looked just as broke as he always did, but that wasn’t my issue at the moment, so there was no point bringing it up.

By now he’d pulled on a pair of gray sweats over his basketball shorts and was in the process of putting on his hoodie. He still hadn’t answered verbally yet, but the fact that he was still getting dressed; let me know that leaving was exactly what he planned to do.

“Really?” I stopped him from leaving the room with a hand on his chest. 

“Yeah, really! I ain’t got time for this shit!” He grabbed me up by my arms and roughly pushed me against the door and out of his way. “I’m going to my granny’s.” He tossed out over his shoulder as he disappeared down the hall. A few seconds later the door slammed letting me know he was gone. Annoyed with the whole situation, I pulled my phone from my back pocket so that I could call Yo’Sahn to try and see where his little ass was. I already knew that Dre was lying, so I wasn’t even going to question him about it, but I did want to know where he went. 

“Wassup ma?” He answered on the third ring, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Yo’Sahn was really a good boy, but lately, I’d been noticing a small change in him. It was like he was hardening before my eyes or maybe he was just growing up on me, and I wasn’t ready.

“Where are you? You didn’t ask me if you could go outside today.” My tone was light as I moved about the room getting prepared for my shower.

“Awwww ma come on why you tryna treat me like a baby?” I could hear the frown in his voice, and I had to hide my laughter. “I’m at Jayden’s crib tho, he got the new 2k.” He huffed and the faint sound of the games controller in the background confirmed that for me. I didn’t mind him hanging out with Jayden. He was into all of the same things as Yo’Sahn, basketball, football, and video games. They both did pretty well in school, and I knew that his mama was doing her best to raise him right. In a city that damn near groomed little boys to be thugs from the moment they got their first chest hair I was extremely appreciative that my son was not falling into the same pattern as a bunch of these other little niggas. By now, I’d finished undressing and wrapped my short, terry cloth robe around my body. I made my way to the tiny bathroom that we all shared with the phone tucked between my ear and shoulder.

“Well, okay. Don’t stay out too late Yoshi. You need to be your ass back in the house before it gets dark. You know how ignorant these niggas get when the sun goes down.” I called him by the nickname I’d given him as a baby knowing that he hated it. 

“I’m almost a man ma, you can’t be calling me that baby stuff!” He whined making me giggle. My son was the most important person to me in the whole world. He was the reason I worked two jobs and strived as hard as I did. 

“Well you gone always be my baby so I’ll call you whatever I want.” 

The sound of the front door slamming shut had me rushing him off the phone with a quick goodbye because I didn’t want him to hear Dre and me going at it again. For sure he would try and run his little ass home and jump in it, and I always tried to keep him away from shit like that, which was the reason I was no longer with his father Antonio. We had been high school sweethearts, and he had taken my virginity, which was how I’d gotten pregnant in the first place. As young as me and Antonio were we tried to make things work, but the stress of life and fatherhood came down hard on him. Not only was he out constantly falling in the next bitches pussy but he often took his failures out on me, and like I said before I wasn’t with any of that abusive shit. After I left with my baby he tried for a while to force me back, but eventually, he left me alone, and unfortunately, he decided to leave Yo’Sahn alone too. As much as I wanted him to be a father to our son, that never stopped me from providing, and I’d been doing so for the last six years.

Rolling my eyes, I set my phone on the dresser and made my way to the front of the house ready for round two, but once I cleared the hallway, I instantly froze in place. Two men stood there holding guns pointed at Dre, who was cowered on the floor. They didn’t notice me right away, so they were still talking to him as I frantically tried to think of a way out of this situation.

“So, let me get this straight. You came to me to eat, and instead of heeding the multiple warnings I gave you about playing with my money you thought that it’d be smart to run off with my shit?” The bigger of the two asked kneeling down in front of Dre with a nasty scowl. 

“I swear I-I got the money! It’s just not here!” Dre squawked fearfully. I’d never seen him so scared before. He usually had the persona of a man that would go toe to toe with the devil himself especially when me and Yo’Sahn were concerned, but seeing him now I realized he wasn’t as tough as he tried to seem.

“Man Eazy, this nigga lying! Just let me do his ass!” The other guy grumbled obviously tired of the back and forth. 

“I’m not lyin’ man, I swear!”

I watched in horror as the one they referred to as Eazy cocked his pistol. Neither man had their faces covered, so I was sure that they didn’t intend on leaving any witnesses. As quietly as I could, I attempted to exit the room with my eyes still trained on them. If I could just get to the small gun that I kept in my closet, maybe I could get us out of whatever mess Dre had brought to our home.

“Please Eazy m-my girl here don’t do this shit! I can get you the money!” I stopped my backwards trek and looked at him in disbelief. He’d basically just sold me the fuck out, and both men turned in my direction instantly ending any chance I had of going to the back. The one that was ready to shoot Dre turned his gun on me taking me in from head to toe.

“Damn nigga this you?” He chuckled looking back at Dre, with the gun still pointed my way. “I find that hard to believe, but bring yo ass on in here next to yo man.” His tone was mocking, and I didn’t find shit funny. 

“Ayite, but take that damn gun off me,” I said and sucked my teeth as I inched into the room. We stared each other down with him never lowering his weapon and me moving slowly until Eazy finally stood and gave him a short nod, which made him grudgingly put the gun down to his side. With it no longer pointed at me, I felt comfortable enough to take my eyes off of him and focus my hatred towards Dre. It took everything in me not to kick him when I made it to his side and took a seat on the couch. I crossed my smooth brown legs to keep from hitting Dre as he continued to plead his case without turning my way. He knew better than to look at me! My damn son could have been here, and he obviously wasn’t gonna try and defend us. I rolled my eyes as I listened to him lie through his teeth about having the money until he mentioned the small safe in our bedroom. All of the restraint I’d been holding on to left my body, and I jumped on top of him punching and slapping him anywhere I could, no longer fearing the two niggas before us with guns.

“You bitch ass nigga, that’s my money!” I growled as he attempted to block my blows weakly. He knew that the money I had in that safe was important. I’d been saving for six months so that my sister and I could put a deposit down on a salon. That and my son were the only reason I was holding on to the two dead-end jobs I had. Dre knew this, and instead of taking responsibility for his fuck up, he volunteered my hard earned money. If I wasn’t done with him before I was definitely done now. 

“We ain’t got time for this shit! Get her ass off him Juice!”

“Hell naw! She fuckin that nigga up! Damnnn!” I didn’t even have time to relish in the fact that I’d busted Dre’s nose before I was pulled away still swinging wildly.

“Aye shorty, chill yo lil feisty ass out! I ain’t that nigga I’ll slap the shit out you real quick. I don’t give a fuck how fine you is!” Something about his tone had me calming down enough for him to put me down onto my feet, but he didn’t remove his arm from around my body. As I stood trying to catch my breath, Eazy eyed me curiously before turning his attention back on Dre who sat holding his nose. “Damn man! How yo bitch got more heart than you?” The one holding me questioned still not releasing me from his grip. I didn’t appreciate him calling me a bitch, but despite the humor he’d found in this I knew he’d no doubt make good on his threat, so I remained quiet.

“I’ve wasted enough time in here, I’ma give yo ass a week to bring me my money or my work Dre. That’s seven days nigga! If I don’t have one or the other I’m comin’ here and airing this bitch out, then I’ma go to Ms. Ethel’s house and do the same. And I don’t give a fuck who in there!” Eazy threatened tucking his gun back in his waist and giving a nod towards the door. “Come on Juice.” 

He strolled away without giving Juice a chance to object, even though he let out a groan, making it clear he didn’t agree with the decision. Juice let his arm linger around me for a second longer, before finally letting me go and stepping away and just like that they were gone. I shook away the mild sadness I felt from not feeling Juice’s strong arms holding me and went to stand over Dre, who still hadn’t moved.

“You can get yo shit and leave right behind them niggas!” I snarled meaning every word I said. Him trying to give away my hard earned money was the last straw for me! I was done riding for a nigga that wouldn’t even walk for me! Ignoring the look of shock on his face, I left his ass there on the floor, looking stupid and went to finally start my long awaited bath. If he knew what was good for him he’d be gone before I was done or I was going to do us all a favor and shoot his ass myself.

Chapter 2

“Oh hell naw! I know you fucked that nigga up!” I gasped trying hard to keep my voice down as my sister filled me in on what had just happened at her house. I’d never liked Dre. He was the type of nigga to lay up all day while his woman went to work and took care of the household, but still walk around with his chest puffed out like he was the man. I’d been telling her for years to leave his no good ass alone, but it was like she couldn’t see what everyone else saw. Even my nephew knew that nigga wasn’t shit and I couldn’t say I blamed Yo’Sahn for the hell he gave him. 

“I busted his nose, but one of them pulled me back before I could really get in his ass!” I could hear the frown in her voice, and although I was happy that she got a hit off on him I was still pissed that I wasn’t there to get me in a lick or two.

“Damn I wish I would’ve been there!” I grumbled.


I looked up and my words got stuck in my throat as I stared into the sexiest pair of eyes I’d ever seen on a man. They were chocolate colored, with a thick set of lashes that I couldn’t help but envy. Even as he squinted down at me in frustration, I couldn’t stop myself from ogling him enough to get my mouth to work. He was tall, towering over my desk at at least 6’3, and the color of mahogany with a set of deep waves and a full shiny beard. He easily put me in the mind of Don from Black Ink Crew.

“You gone stop eye fuckin me and do yo job, or do I need to go find Sherice myself?” He finally spoke and brought me out of my nasty thoughts.

“Ima call you back bitch,” I mumbled hanging up on her mid-sentence. Clearing my throat, I stood and smoothed out the black wraparound skirt I was wearing before extending my hand. “I’m so sorry Mr….?”

“King.” He filled in the blank for me, and the name was definitely fitting. Almost as soon as he closed my hand up in his, I felt a jolt of electricity that had my eyes widening in shock.


My boss Sherice appeared out of nowhere, and despite the smile plastered on her face, I could tell that she wasn’t happy. I snatched my hand out of his and backed up just in time to avoid being knocked out of the way by Sherice who jumped right in front of me and planted a deep kiss on Elijah’s lips. I should have known that he was there for more than just business. He was just Sherice’s type ……just like all the other ones that frequented the office for her. I rolled my eyes and made my way back around my desk suddenly pissed off. 

If you can’t tell I couldn’t stand this bitch. In the three years that I’d been working for her, I might as well have been running her business myself. All Sherice really did was cut checks and put on for her rich ass daddy whenever he decided to slide through, while I was meeting with clients, showing homes, and making sells with no commission. She had a rotation of three other niggas who stopped by a few times a week, and now she had this fine ass man here too. I couldn’t help being a little jealous about a lazy scandalous hoe like her constantly winning in life while I was stuck working under her and barely getting acknowledged for my hard work. Thankfully, I wouldn’t have to be subject to her bull shit for too much longer. Destiny and I had been saving our money up to start a makeup and hair salon. I’d gotten all of the small items that we’d need, and I was already looking for furniture. All I had to do was continue to bite my tongue in this bitch’s presence for just a little while longer, because despite everything that I hated about my job I couldn’t deny that I was paid better than most.

“I missed you baby.” She cooed tangling herself in his arms and putting on a big ass show for me and every other female present. Bile rose up in my throat as I tried unsuccessfully to tune them out.

“Oh yeah? I missed yo ass too.” Even though I could hear the smile in his voice, I looked up anyway so that I could witness it with my own two eyes. Regardless of who he gave his affection to, there was nothing sweeter than a man in love. However, Mr. Elijah King had his eyes on me while Sherice hugged him tightly completely unaware. Instead of engaging with this fool I averted my eyes back to the files on my desk which garnered a chuckle from him. He obviously was a hoe himself, so maybe he deserved the treatment that he was getting. I found myself wishing that the smooth jazz station that they played throughout the office was just a little bit louder so that I could tune out their lovey dovey banter, but it seemed like it was on the lowest setting today.

“I got something for you, but it was too big to bring up so you gone have to come outside to get it.”

“What! Another gift!” Sherice squealed in excitement and clapped her hands together like a child. “Dream…..Dream! Go and get my coat from my office!” She ordered once she had my attention. As bad as I wanted to tell her to kiss my entire black ass, I nodded with a tight-lipped smile and headed back to retrieve her coat. Behind me I could hear her talking shit about me being a lousy employee when she knew damn well I did her job and my own. 

The second I was behind closed doors, I took a few calming breaths and reminded myself of why I needed this job. That was all it took to get my head right, and by the time I returned to my desk with her gray, Luxury Sentaler fur-lined Alpaca coat, I was calm, cool, and collected. She quickly snatched it out of my hands and slipped it on. I couldn’t even lie she looked damn good in it. Her shapely figure was accentuated even behind the thick fabric. She looked like she had just stepped off the cover of a magazine with her flawless honey-toned skin, and model-like features. If the realtor business didn’t work out she could definitely walk some runways. 

She flipped her long Brazilian weave out of her collar smiling wide like she’d just won the lottery. I guessed I would have been cheesing too if I had a fine ass man like that bringing me presents that were too big to come up in the elevator. I watched as they began to walk away with a neutral expression, unlike the other thirsty ass hoes in the office who were damn near drooling and green with envy. At the last minute, Sherice turned around with a sly smirk.

“Y’all might as well come on too! I know y’all are dying to know what I got, but hurry up cause I’m not trying to wait!” The way these heffas started throwing on their coats, you would have thought somebody was outside giving out free shit. I held in the need to call them out and elected to just sit my ass down so that I could call my sister back. The distraction known as Elijah had taken my mind off of our conversation, and I really wanted to hear the end of her story. “Don’t you want to come too Dream?”

The way she emphasized my name and the narrowing of her eyes told me that wasn’t really a question, so I gathered up my coat and followed them all down mumbling obscenities under my breath the whole time. I worked directly with Sherice, so I got it worse than anybody else having to listen to her constant bragging. The last thing I wanted to do with my time was watch her flaunt her and one of her sponsor’s wealth in my face. While they all guessed what her surprise could be, I pulled out my phone and scrolled Instagram.

I was the last one out of the building intentionally, pissed as soon as the cold ass Chicago air disrespectfully slapped me in the face. We stood huddled up on the sidewalk as a car rolled up completely covered in wrapping paper. Sherice excitedly let out another high pitched squeal once it came to a stop right in front of her and a guy that strongly resembled Elijah stepped out. A flash of annoyance crossed her face, at the sight of him, but it disappeared just as quickly when she remembered that she had a surprise coming.

“Baaaaabyyyy! You got me a car!”

“Gone head check it out,” Elijah told her with a slight nod. He grinned unmoving as his brother took Sherice’s spot next to him, and she ran off to open her present. I returned to my scrolling hoping that this little display would end soon so that I could go back inside of the warm building, while everyone else oooh’d and ahhh’d. At the sound of the wrapping paper coming off and confused murmurs, I tore my eyes away from my phone’s screen. Underneath all of that shiny red paper was Sherice’s midnight blue Porsche, filled to the brim with Louis Vuitton luggage.

“Ummm, are we going away?” Sherice asked skeptically. By now my undivided attention was on the pair, and the look of love that was once on Elijah’s face was long gone. In its place was unmistakable anger, which she didn’t seem to notice because she was too busy eying the luggage hard.

“Naw y’all ain’t going nowhere, but you is hoe!” The other guy shouted, and I noticed him holding his phone out obviously recording her.

“What the fuck is he talking about Eazy! Is that my damn luggage!” She shrieked, and just that fast this whole thing became much more entertaining.

“Hell yeah it’s yours! Bitch you been cheating on my brother with a nigga named Hubert! We ain’t letting that shit slide hoe! Yo ass is done!” I tried unsuccessfully to hold in my laughter as he went in on her. The look of defeat on her face was priceless, and it had me pulling up my camera app so that I could keep this moment forever.

“What are you even talking about? I don’t know anybody named Hubert! Eazy you’ve got to believe me! Why are you letting him talk to me like this?” Sherice grabbed ahold of his wool trench as fake ass tears poured from her eyes. I didn’t know of her messing around with a Hubert, but I wouldn’t put it past her to have one in her damn roster. By now the crowd had grown as strangers joined us and made the situation that much more embarrassing.

“I just told you bitch-!”

“Calm yo ass down Jeremiah.” Elijah held up a hand cutting his brother off. “I got it from here. I know about the other men you’ve been fucking with Sherice, it ain’t even a need to lie. Now, I did you the courtesy of having your clothes packed and brought to you as well as your car. Just so that you don’t have a reason to ever come by my crib again, because if I see yo ass again I can assure you I won’t be so nice and we both know what I’m capable of….right?” His voice changed to a dangerously low pitch and his eyes blackened as he leaned forward so that he was inches from her face. 

“Y-yes.” Sherice nodded frantically damn near shaking from his threat.

“Good, I’m glad we got that understood.” A cocky smirk came over his face as he backed away from her. “Oh yeah, give my number to yo receptionist.” He added before walking away. My eyes bucked as a mixture of glee and surprise came over me, but that shit disappeared once Sherice found my face through the mix of people standing around. They parted like the Red Sea for her as she walked through and straight into my face.

“I bet you think you’re real cute, huh? Well now you’re cute and fired bitch!” 

Almost as if they knew what was coming, two of my co-workers held me back while she stormed off. I angrily shook them away from me after she’d disappeared into the building and tried to calm myself down so I wouldn’t go up there and beat the brakes off her ass. That fine ass nigga had come and shook up my whole damn day, and then he got me fired! I couldn’t even believe this shit, and there was really no point in fighting her because even if I did stay, she would no doubt make the working environment too uncomfortable to tolerate. I hadn’t planned on having to move up the timeline on our business Lashes & Lace, but God must have had it in store for me. I just hoped that it all worked out in the end.

Low Key Fallin For A Savage 3 is coming on September 14th.

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