Billionaire Wives And Their Messy Secrets: An Anthology Author:


Imagine following Shaderoom and witnessing your husband and his side chick posted for the Gram but can’t speak on because of the consequences that come. Being at the mall with your “rich friends” and your husband’s pregnant side chick bumps your shoulder, but you can’t make any noise because your lifestyle would be swept from under your feet. Or flying to the Dominican Republic with him on his private jet to get his “other woman” because he said that he was tired of going in and out the country, so she was coming to live in your home. Your comments have to be kept in your thoughts because your husband holds the best hand in the game. You would fumble not only your heart but the bag too. A lot of women say they want to be married to a billionaire but aren’t ready for what’s to come. Some even wanna have a baby to get a guaranteed bag. Then there’s the women who would damn near die just to be in their presence or sit at the roundtable with the men for clout. Females will sell their souls for the taste of a billionaire because of the power he possesses. Being in the presence of a billionaire is a luxury, but being married to one is a privilege. Fast cars, trips to Dubai and Africa, quick money that’s never ending, speaking different languages, greed, and even temptation. There is always another man more handsome than your husband who doesn’t meet his status, but you test the waters anyway. Even the average wife deals with drama and mess. We just know how to not meddle with the peasants. More of a game of chess, not checkers. Even in marriage, us females have a position to play to remain his queen. Don’t let the internet fool y’all into thinking that it’s all glitz and glamour because it’s also murder and mayhem. We chase our dreams and make them our reality, no matter the consequences. So stop chasing counterfeit dreams and find out the real. The real stories about being Married to a Billionaire and keeping their messy secrets to maintain the lifestyle you craved as a little girl. We have reached the ultimate goals—money, power and respect—and we’re still not finished. Follow our 8 stories to know when to speak and when to keep your mouth closed.


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