COLE HART SIGNATURE is your one-stop shop if you’re a Romance fiction writer and want to appear in front of thousands of readers. Many other companies stop at nothing when it comes to binding you to a long-term contract, at least 10-20 novels in the same contract

Our sole purpose is to provide you with the best stage to help you get your work in front of avid readers. For more than 10 years, several authors have joined our team to let their creativity out and make the readers their fanbase.

Who Is the Owner of COLE HART SIGNATURE?

With the company’s name, you might have already figured out who the company’s owner is, but if you haven’t, let me tell you a few things about the CEO of the COLE HART SIGNATURE publishing platform.

The owner and CEO of the company is Cole Hart. He is one of the #1 best-selling authors and has published many leading books in multiple genres like hood romance, crime, African American romance novels, etc. He self-published his books when he became an author in his early years, making him the hardworking and successful person he is today.


COLE HART SIGNATURE is a company for authors who not only want to publish their books but want to be a part of a community. This platform is renowned for making unknown authors into huge names well-recognized by many readers. You can find many African American women’s fiction or African American romance novels to read anytime and anywhere. Most authors who partnered with Cole Hart Signature have written many #1 best-selling African American & Thug romance novels on Amazon or Kindle.

Our authors don’t just sign a contract; we instead partner with them to help them become the best version of themselves. COLE HART SIGNATURE has all the skills, knowledge, expertise, and qualities a publisher should have.

They help authors publish their books on each of the given choices, Amazon or Kindle, and no matter what option they choose, they consider it their top priority.


COLE HART SIGNATURE is a leading publishing company that cares about its authors and their stories. They understand that writing a novel isn’t something one can do under pressure, and no great book has ever been written overnight, so they provide all the comfort an author would need to move forward with their writing; the story has to flow. Writing a novel isn’t easy, but a great writer must connect with the characters in their books. Because one thing is for sure, if the writer can’t relate to the characters in their books, the readers won’t be able to connect either.

Most of their novels are a great hit and have become the bestselling African American romance novel at least once. Even the authors that teamed up with the COLE HART SIGNATURE publishing company are satisfied by the company’s services.

You wouldn’t want to sit at your study table, reading an African American Woman’s fiction with an empty hand, right? COLE HART SIGNATURE has also decided to launch its wine label. The crisp ripe fruit-flavored taste of a fragrant wine is just the perfect combination to opt for if you want to enjoy your time reading hood romance novels.

Where Are They Located?

Every writer or author wants to know the company’s location when signing a contract with them, right? The person who established the online publishing platform is located in Atlanta, Georgia, the world of creative and artistic minds.

Even though the owner lives there, the online publishing platform he established is undoubtedly a huge helping hand for authors. If you want to avoid getting catfished by a company that has taken authority over any of your future works, you can try partnering up with COLE HART SIGNATURE to avoid getting scammed.

Where Do They Publish?

Every paperback or eBook they’ve published is either published through Amazon or Kindle, the two most famous and loved sites by the authors and readers. Every author who has the skills and the talents to be recognized by readers and every fresher who’s curious about writing African American Woman’s fiction is appraised by the COLE HART SIGNATURE publishing platform

Amazon and Kindle are the most trustworthy platforms that authors and readers, none of them hesitate to utilize. With the verification of Amazon and Kindle, COLE HART SIGNATURE has helped many unknown authors blow up and get acknowledged for their hard work.


So, if you were thinking about teaming up with COLE HART SIGNATURE, it will probably be the wisest decision you will ever make. To be frank, your time to be appreciated for your talent has finally come. So instead of letting your talent go to waste, grab onto it and be another #1 best-selling author with COLE HART SIGNATURE!