Zo & Alana 2

Michelle Elaine beautifully crafts Zo & Alana 2, a finale full of revenge, anguish, and a test of ones love.

From the outside looking in, Zo has it all. As the head of drug operations for the Ramirez Cartel of Atlanta, his position is respected and coveted. And with his best friend turned lover Alana by his side, he has the woman many men would die to have. So what could possibly go wrong? Everything… Especially with Cameron Reid in the picture.

Cameron holds a grudge against Zo and everyone connected to the cartel. After the organization forces him to leave, he viciously plots to strike back. If he can’t be a part of the business — a business his family spent years building— he wants to destroy it. He’s spent time plotting and planning his revenge. When Cameron puts his plan into motion, it can have devastating effects on Zo and Alana’s future.

With the repercussions of Zo’s decision making and Cameron’s vendetta working against them, the drama and conflict are endless. In the conclusion of this two-part series, Zo and Alana are put to the ultimate test.