You Got A Whole Wife At Home: A Hood Love Standalone

Men always talking about how much they love you and how they can’t live without you. They say this knowing they have a whole wife at home waiting on them; Caprice, unfortunately, learns that the hard way. All she’s ever wanted was a man to call her own. However, when she meets and falls deeply in love with Tyriq, she realizes it’s easier said than done. What she thought was love, was nothing but lies, hurt and betrayal. So she decides to pick up the pieces to her heart, leave Tyriq, and takes a secret with her. On her journey to getting herself back together, she meets Jayden.

Jayden becomes Caprice’s confidant, lover and friend. They have nothing but love for each other. Although, her biggest problem is fear of history repeating itself. She now has to decide if the dread of getting hurt again will cause her to become a savage and lose out one the love of her life or will she step out on faith and be happy again. Find out if love or fear conquers all in this new tale of love, lies and deceit.