Yo’ So Called Hubby In My DM 3

From Dejah Rice comes, Yo’ So Called Hubby In My DM 3, a twisting urban romance finale filled with deception, love, heartache, and more page-turning drama.  

In this last installment of Yo’ So Called Hubby In My DMs, Chynna and Polo will be tested like never before. They’ve both crossed the line with one another, and neither of them have plans of turning back. With their exes teaming up to go against them, no one knows who will get the last say. Betrayal is enough to drive anyone crazy, and in their case, it’s no different. Shady pasts come to the light and turn things upside down. 

Everyone is after something whether it’s love, revenge, or peace, but everyone might not get what they want. With karma lurking in the shadows, no one is safe. The craziest thing is it all started with a DM. Find out if Chynna and Polo will get their happy ending or if life has other plans for both of them and those closest to them.