Yo’ So Called Bae Creepin With Me 2

From author Mz. Biggs comes an intensely captivating new urban fiction series. This stirring and scandalous novel, Yo’ So Called Bae Creepin’ With Me, will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

After giving up on men, Toccara decides to give it one last try when she runs into Kayson. On paper and visually, he is the man she is destined to be with. Up close and personal, he proves to be like any other man. Catching him in a compromising position, Toccara makes up her mind that she is done with him for good. However, Kayson has other plans.

Kayson has grown accustomed to Toccara. He wants to be in her space in any way that he can. Betraying her trust is not something he planned to do. In his words, “It just happened.” Now, he is faced with going above and beyond to win her back. With Toccara having the upper hand, Kayson doesn’t know what to do.

Kyson and Mone’t are finally happy. Giving in to temptation and overlooking all distractions, they decide to give love a chance. As luck would have it, there is always someone or something lurking in the dark ready to destroy their happiness. While facing unexpected obstacles, Kyson and Mone’t’s relationship meets new struggles that they may not be able to survive.

In this finale, there are no stones left unturned. No one is safe. Follow the couples to see if their relationship can withstand all odds in, Yo’ So Called Bae is Creepin With Me 2.