Wifed Up By A West Coast Millionaire

Love is supposed to be easy. Or, at least, that’s what Suki thought when she allowed Jinx to sweet talk her down the aisle at the tender age of 21. The hood considered her lucky to be wifed by the infamous hood boss, but to her, her luck ran out when the lying, cheating, and outside drama began to invade their lives.

Now five years into Jinx’s infidelity, Suki is at the end of her rope after learning he and his long-time side chick are expecting their third child. Seconds away from filing for divorce, Suki chooses to leave home, prepared to give Jinx a taste of his own medicine. What she hadn’t prepared for was the young, captivating boss crossing her path and stealing her attention.

Cheeko is the man with the plan, and the plan was simple: get money. Everything else was considered an unnecessary distraction. With endless funds at his fingertips and countless women at his disposal, love and romance was the last thing on his mind. That was until he laid eyes on the wife of one of his partners.

In this deadly game of forbidden love, Suki finds herself trapped between what her mind is telling her to do and what her heart wants. Hearts won’t break even, and love sometimes turns into all out war when deceit is involved. Can Suki ignore the allure of Cheeko’s thuggish ways? Or will her crush on the hood’s newest millionaire come at a price she isn’t willing to pay?