Who Wants That Perfect Hood Love Anyway 2

Just when Silas thought he had found a woman of substance, his internal world was turned upside down when earth-shattering secrets were uncovered. Vowing never to trust another woman again, Silas hides behind his tough demeanor and continues on as best he can. The only thing that he wants is to move on with his life and put the past behind him. But that becomes impossible when he is expected to take care of the problem caused by Niomie and his father. Grappling with the idea of doing what is morally right and staying true to his family, Silas must make a choice. But what happens when that choice means going against his own blood?

After Niomie’s dark past was brought to light, she struggled with overcoming the hurt and embarrassment. She’d been searching for love since childhood and was elated when she thought she’d found it in Silas. With no choice but to move on, she decided to focus on being the best mother to her daughter, Nova Belle. However, Arlo reemerges in a jealous rage, causing an unfortunate turn of events for their young daughter. Niomie must stay strong for Nova, as well as watch her back when Silas makes his return into her life.

In this heart-rending finale, loyalty is tested, and bonds are destroyed. Can Niomie and Silas overcome it all? Or is the damage so great that it is beyond repair?