When The Side B*tch Understands The Assignment

Bestselling authors Kevina Hopkins & Miss Jazzie teamed up to bring you When The Side B*tch Understands The Assignment, a new, urban fiction, page-turning new series!

A young, soulful woman keen on changing her environment, Paris applied and got accepted into Spelman College. It was destiny that decided to push her to face the reality of life, troubles, and obstacles that she’d fall upon sooner or later. Leaving behind the remains of NOLA and embracing the heart of ATL, she soon realized what awaited her in the new place where she just had landed.

The King of Atlanta, Draco, is nothing less or nothing more than a beast himself as he locked the Atlanta. While his wife, a judge, does her work, he oversees the moments of cocaine, making sure to stay clean. He did his best to avoid his wife as he knew he’d be done for if his wife were to find out about his search for a side b*tch who’d understand the assignment.

When he felt like needing a female companion, he bumped across Paris, who knew the meeting by mistake could lead to an agreement signing event. Draco was able to rid Paris of her troubles while Paris was able to satisfy Draco. What would happen if unwanted lavish feelings were growing between them? Will the agreement still stand? Or will there be a blood bath, ready to hide their darkest secrets?

In this hot new African American romance novel, the two #1 bestselling authors, Kevina Hopkins & Miss Jazzie, have come together on this epic collab. Hailing from Chicago and New Orleans. Their writing is nothing short of a page turner.