When I Needed You The Most 3

The smoke seems to have cleared, and Judy has finally gotten what she wanted from Poppa, and that’s real, intimate love. She’s taking charge of her household and being the strong woman she should be for her family. However, being so prone to the shady shadows that seem to always follow, she believes that if something seems too good to be true, then most likely, it is.

Poppa has overcome one of the most severe battles he’s ever had to fight and still came out on top. Not only did he beat his grimy and manipulative father at his own game, but he also rid the grass of every other snake that hid inside. Though he’s a top tier breadwinner and soldier when it comes to protecting his family and all attached to him, love seems to be the hardest battle of all.

Nadia is finally free in all senses of the word. She’s free from captivity and free from her husband, but not all is well. She’s now face to face with two secrets she’s buried for fifteen years—one calls her “mama,” and the other is Saw. On top of that, old feelings for her first child’s father, Saw, has her in a chokehold that she may not be able to free herself from. Question is, does she want to free herself from it?

The pot is boiling as more comes to light, but the love will keep you warm as we dive deeper into When I Needed You The Most 3 and watch it beautifully unfold.