When I Needed You The Most 2

Now a mother and girlfriend of a self-made millionaire, Judy should be living her best life. Instead, she’s found herself stuck in love with a man who lacks the emotional capacity to love her back. Though tragedy has brought them closer, the same tragedy threatens to break them apart. On top of dealing with an emotionless man, she’s also dealing with an old friend who is getting desperate to distribute her own karma.
Though Poppa is open to Judy teaching him how to love, the war with his father only allows so much love to be shown. He must be careful with his heart amid the chaos, or everyone he loves will feel the consequences, which is why he’s called on the help of an old loyal friend who’s just as deadly as he is.
Maddy is coming to terms with the fact that she and Poppa will never be again, while Ricardo uses his unusual coping methods to deal with the fact that Nadia may never return home.
Nadia has found herself at the mercy of Poppa’s evil father. Though she’s been taught survival skills, she isn’t prepared for anything that lies ahead.
As old and new wounds heal and secrets are exposed, everyone will find out who will be there for them when they need them the most.