When a wealthy thug wants you

When A Wealthy Thug Wants You

In the vibrant, unforgiving streets of New York City, a unique and passionate love story unfolds in When A Wealthy Thug Wants You by T’yanna Sha-Nay. This African American romance delves into the raw, gritty world of the city’s underworld and the powerful players who rule it.

Ko’rae, trapped in a love that smothers her potential, finds her life taking an unexpected turn when she collides with a legend of the NYC hood, the enigmatic and wealthy thug, Brixx. Recognizing a burning spirit in Ko’rae that no one else does, Brixx is drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Submerged into Brixx’s world of opulence and danger, a realm where power and violence are inseparable, Ko’rae is exposed to the high stakes of the city’s underworld. Amidst the tumultuous drama, their budding love faces trials that would either shatter or strengthen them.

When A Wealthy Thug Wants You takes readers on a journey through a love story steeped in ambition, sacrifice, and struggle, set against the backdrop of the grit and glamour of New York’s streets. Will Ko’rae and Brixx overcome their personal demons, and more importantly, can their fiery love withstand the relentless trials that fate brings their way?