When A Thug Needs Love: An Urban Standalone

What’s a man to do when the only woman he ever loved chooses money over her own family? Should he fight for their love to keep his family together or move on and love someone else again?
Cameo, a known street hustler in Miami, would do any and everything to provide for his family even kill. When the mother of his child, Veisha, makes the biggest mistake of her life and steals from a known drug dealer at the strip club she dances at, she is faced with the ultimate decision. With nowhere to turn and a few thousand dollars richer, she leaves her son as collateral and goes on the run. Bunz, club owner and drug dealer, gives Cameo 24 hours to replace what Veisha stole or he will never see his son again. With time being against him, Cameo tries to find ways to save his son before it’s too late while dealing with the fact that Veisha left him with a major debt to pay.

When Cameo runs out of answers, Myra, shows up unexpectedly in his life and provides help. She turned out to be more than a woman than Veisha ever was. While Cameo still deals with the heart break, he fights the urge to fall for Myra. She’s everything he ever wanted but her current affiliations makes him hesitant.

But when loves win, the two lovers decides to give love a try. Cameo and Myra becomes one and he promised her that he would do everything to protect her heart. Everything was going as planned until Veisha pops back into Cameos life causing chaos and exposes a secret that can tear Cameo and Myra a part forever.

Secrets and old emotions attacks Cameo’s heart leaving him indecisive. Love is a powerful thing but will it be strong enough to keep Cameo and Myra together? Or will he be too weak and love Veisha again?