When A Savage Loves A Woman

When A Savage Loves A Woman. What would you do if you felt like your man no longer appreciated you? Do you fight to make it work or do you seek attention somewhere else? That was a question Diamond had to ask herself. Diamond was a beautiful young woman with her shit together who needed to learn her worth. From the outside looking in people would think she had the perfect life with an amazing man to match because Andrew was everything a woman could ask for and more.

Andrew had the looks and a bank account that made you overlook his flaws. In the beginning he was the perfect man and Diamond couldn’t imagine her life without him in it so she dealt with a lot of his BS. All of that changed when Andrew folded on her and showed his true colors when she needed him the most.

A mixture of not feeling appreciated and curiosity caused Diamond to test the waters with Sean. He’s a savage with swag and sex appeal so strong that she almost forgets she has a man at home. Sean opened Diamond’s eyes and made her see the colors in a brighter shade. Is the attention he showed her strong enough to make her leave home for good or will she play it safe and stay with her first love? Find out in the first installment of When A Savage Loves A Woman by Kevina Hopkins.