When A Chi-Town Billionaire Wants You 4

In the final installment of When A Chi-Town Billionaire Wants You 4, the couples can’t seem to keep their emotions in check. Things are good one moment and in the toilet the next. A thin line between love and hate is a true statement. The more a person loves someone, the greater the hate is once they are hurt or betrayed by that someone special. This is the case with Treasure & True and Brie & E.
Treasure is tired of True being too friendly with other women. It makes her insecure. She is already stressed out dealing with Solange and his side baby. Now, she must worry about being disrespected by women that flirt with him in front of her. Will True check these women? Or will Treasure catch a case to prove her point to her man?
True understands Treasure’s fed up with certain things that he does, but she has been unbearable lately. The only time they weren’t arguing was in the bedroom. He didn’t know what her deal was. Each time he tried to talk to her about what was happening, things escalated into an argument. He felt doomed no matter what he did.
Brie’s pregnancy had been going great until thirty-six weeks; she was put on bed rest. She felt like when she needed E the most, he wasn’t there. They weren’t speaking due to a horrible argument that hit below the belt. Things were said out of spite by both of them. Brie filed for divorce, and E didn’t challenge it. Will the judge grant them the divorce that they wanted originally?
In the midst of both couples’ quarrels, Rhylee has been kidnapped. True and Razor must put their differences aside to find the woman that they both love. The captor wants a billion dollars, and True is willing to pay the ransom for his sister. However, Razor doesn’t budge. He is willing to risk it all in order to locate her whereabouts before time runs out.