When A Chi-Town Billionaire Wants You 3

There is trouble in paradise for True and Treasure. Solange has returned home, bringing a surprise with her. She hopes to win True over and pick up where they left off before she goes to Paris. Treasure is upset because she didn’t have any knowledge of Solange until she saw her sitting in True’s kitchen. Rightfully so, Treasure feels betrayed because True never mentioned being engaged before they hooked up.
Caught in the middle of two women, True is going half-crazy. Treasure and Solange are both being petty, hitting below the belt. They go above and beyond to express their disdain for each other. Will Solange’s return ruin True and Treasure’s relationship?
Estylez and Brie are still trying to figure out their complicated relationship. One minute they are doing great, loving each other, and having fun. The next minute, they are fussing, almost fighting, and ready to claw each other’s eyes out.
The toxic cycle has become a regular way of life for the love birds. Being stubborn, jealous, and petty only added fuel to the fire. E was on the verge of throwing in the towel, and Brie was having second thoughts about dissolving their marriage. Will the divide force them to work on their relationship? Or will they give up on their love for good?
Read When A Chi-Town Billionaire Wants You 3 and experience the romantic journey filled with heart-pounding obstacles, major drama, and plenty of surprises. The plot thickens. Enemies are revealed. Revenge is brewing.