When A Chi-Town Billionaire Wants You

Treasure Vaughn had it all. At least, that’s what most people thought. From the outside looking in, she was the luckiest woman in the world. Her husband, who was a very wealthy man and fifteen years her senior, gave her the lap of luxury. However, it all came with a price — her soul.
Treasure thought she had met the man of her dreams, but she soon realized she was just a trophy wife. Izak only married her so he would have a good-looking bimbo on his arm. Her marriage was reduced to just a business deal that helped her husband accomplish his financial dreams in the public eye. Will Treasure escape her husband for good? Or will he stop her before she is able to leave him?
Truedale “True” Billionaire was a street guy who came into new money practically overnight. Although he owned legitimate businesses, he still had a little hood in him. Most people knew him for his athleticism and popularity, thinking he would have gone to the NBA or the NFL. However, he messed that up, chasing women.
True also messed up his friendship with Treasure. He had known her since elementary, so when tragedy struck in her life, she expected him to be there. That wasn’t the case. He was chilling with the same people who ridiculed her, made fun of her, and hurt her feelings. When he finds out she’s back in Chicago eight years later, he will do anything to be in her good graces again. Not just in a platonic way, but he planned on expressing his real feelings, taking things to the next level. Will True get a second chance with Treasure? Or will she hold onto her grudge and move on with her life?
Embrie Dillard is free and spontaneous. Her pretty face and hot body had men drooling at her feet like stray dogs. Though, she had a plan. She was in college studying technology. Being store manager at a popular cellular company, she planned to use her experience to level up once she graduated. All her plans come crashing down when she comes face to face with none other than Estylez.
Eugene “Estylez” Billionaire was utterly out of control. He was fine as wine, and he knew it. He was bold, arrogant, paid, and a certified jerk. Whatever came to his mind, he blurted it out with no filter. He vowed to be a player for life. All that changed when he met Embrie under the worst circumstance ever. Their heated exchange not only caused drama for them but involved their siblings as well. After being forced to make amends, they have no choice but to get along for the sake of the family.