Weekends Only

Tasha Blakely, a woman with curves, is in love with her gorgeously handsome man, Deon Moore. A factory worker by day, and a thug by night, he prides himself on being able to take care of his woman. Being with Deon makes Tasha the envy of her friends; including her best friend since childhood, Sharna Banks. Sharna thinks she is supposed to have everything that her best friend Tasha has. Including her man, Deon.

Deon is far from faithful. Despite all of the warning signs, like him creeping in the house late at night, Tasha still chooses to believe that she is the only woman that Deon has eyes for. Deon, however, has eyes for other women, four of them to be exact. He knows just how to make each one of them feel like they are the only one he has eyes for.
Get ready for a twisted tale of side chicks and thug loving as you stroll through the pages of Weekends Only.