Upgraded By The Trillest Thug 3

Have you ever had a time where you are experiencing what you immediately know is a great moment in your life? At that moment, you find peace and happiness that leaves you floating through the world. And in a split second, your entire world seems to come crashing down. Suddenly, you’re unsettled, expecting the end, fearing what might happen in the future? In this finale, Denver, Manny, and the crew feel just that.

The moment Zamir is shot, problems seem to strike from every which way, and they strike hard. Putting everything on the back burner, Denver’s mind is set on revenge, and nothing or no one is going to stop her.

Manny is battling a war of his own between his son being in the hospital, his new relationship being rocky and his best friend laid up in the hospital. He doesn’t know where to turn or where to start. In addition to that, he knows someone is still in the shadows and out to get them. Will he be able to step up and handle things? Or will it be too much for him?

Find out if they will survive everything and everyone that’s coming at them. Take this final ride with the crew and see just where life’s rollercoasters land them…