Upgraded By The Trillest Thug 2

In the midst of trying to leave her old life in the past and focusing on reaching her new one. Which is filled with normalcy, Denver finds herself with more troubles than one. Giving up her rightful spot in the game next to her brother isn’t going as planned, and passing the torch to Zamir seems to become a little harder than expected. Zamir began putting the pressure on her to leave her ex and make things work with them, only added to both of their list of problems. Zamir wants nothing more than to take the lead and with the person he always loved next to his side. However, each thing seems impossible. They both become tested in ways they are not too sure they can handle, and being together just might not happen for them.

The unfaithfulness Justine portrayed is taking a toll on her life. Her actions alone make Manny become distant towards her. Justine is left to face the fact that raising a child alone may be her future. As Manny, and the other possible fathers of her child, start to show her how they really feel, the decisions on what she has to do to ensure her child and she has the best life seem to become a whole lot easier.

Manny has a lot to figure out, and the most important is his love life. When another woman comes in and shakes things up for him, he’s left to make difficult decisions that will possibly make a change in every part of his life…

Everyone is trying to make a change, whether it’s for the better or, the worse. However, with Blu in the shadows, things for everyone may just be too late.