Upgraded By The Trillest Thug

Denver finds herself fighting what seems to be a never-ending battle. The moment she’s taken away from everything she knows and placed into the broken system, she faces problem after problem. She meets Justine and finds a friend she never thought she would have nor lose. Their friendship, however, still didn’t stop Denver from feeling like she was surrounded by darkness. When Denver’s Grandma comes to her rescue, she opens up a brand new world to her and a life she never dreamed of having.

Zamir (Za) is one of the best young hustlers on the west side of Philly. Knowing he’s barely making ends meet, he’s determined to make and save as much money as possible and do whatever to get it. Trust wasn’t something he normally gave, and neither was his heart. However, when he crosses paths with Denver and is drawn to her the first time, he lays eyes on her. Zamir isn’t familiar with love, yet Denver makes him question that.

Justine was left to figure life out by herself at a young age. Love had become a foreign language to her. Loneliness was a feeling she had become accustomed to. All she knew was that she would do whatever it takes to get money and be willing to hurt whoever’s feelings to get it. Yet, when a guy makes an appearance in her life, everything changes. She soon realizes the saying, “what’s done in the dark will come to light,” is very much true. Will he stick around when all her skeletons come out? Or will she end up just like she was in her past, alone and broken?

Emmanuel (Manny) finds out about his younger sister Denver and is excited. While he’s not knee-deep in the streets, he’s around it; his best friend Zamir is, though, and being the solid dude Manny is, he’s down for whatever when it comes to his family. When Manny finds the girl he thinks is worth giving his all to, he soon discovers that his life revolves around secrets, and he may not be willing to face them.

In this story, betrayal seems normal to some, while loyalty is most important to others. Will mindsets be changed? Or will they all miss the biggest opportunity at love and upgrading their life?