Under The Influence

Men will stab you in the lungs and ask why you’re having trouble breathing. At least, that’s what happened to Naomi Michaels, not once, not twice, but three times and every situation ended the same. She would be stuck with another baby, and the daddy was nowhere to be found. She was no stranger to curve balls that life tossed her way, but she was a tough cookie, often turning lemons into lemonade. However, some situations are impossible to get out of, and she had to learn the hard way.

When her latest boyfriend, Haze, commits the ultimate deceit and betrayal, she makes sure it’s his last time. But one quick and impulsive decision could cost her life. She wakes up the dirty streets of Birmingham, and vengeance is in the air. Haze’s brothers want vengeance in blood from the chick who cost him his life. They tear the city down, trying to get their hands on this hood beauty but soon find it difficult.

Naomi has a little brother who will go toe to toe with the devil behind her and everyone in his circle. What she didn’t expect was to cross paths with a handsome rude boy who had her feeling some type of way—De’Vondre, aka Von.

This country boy is known for putting drugs through the city and breaking backs more than hearts. Von doesn’t do the whole love facade and doesn’t plan to. Any woman he deals with only has fourteen days with him. Meanwhile, Naomi screams forget love from the deepest pit of her stomach and vows never to let another man get close to her. But what happens when they both break their own rules and can’t leave each other alone? This roller coaster ride of drama will have you stuck from page one to the end.