Trapped In The Arms Of A Dope Boy 3

With lives, families, and hearts hanging in the balance, Sevyn finds herself at a halt after she is hit with some news that throws her for a loop. After uncovering a secret that upends her life, Sevyn has a choice to make that she will forever have to live with. Will she finally decide to open up her heart and receive true love? Or will the fear of being hurt again by love cause her to never want to love again?

Trying to shield the love of his life from another heartbreak caused by him, Rich finds himself emotionally harming others around him. After finding out Sevyn is pregnant with his baby, Rich believes even more that she is meant to be in his life. This belief drives him into a life of grief, causing him to lose everything he once had. After surrendering to the new way of life and accepting what he had sown, Rich’s pride still refuses to accept the loss of his family at the hands of another man.

The feud continues between Rich and Adonis. In the midst of trying to protect his family, Adonis is hit with some news that causes him to question the true meaning of family and the weight of blood. Read how Adonis responds to being crossed by someone he trusted the most.