Trapped In The Arms Of A Dope Boy 2

In part two of this trilogy, bonds are weakened, hearts are broken, and lives are lost. After meeting the suave yet dope-boy Adonis, Sevyn feels that she is finally on her way to getting her happily-ever-after. As she receives life-changing news in part one, Sevyn cannot wait to share the exciting experience with her newfound love. That is until life throws her an unexpected curveball. With the unforeseen situation occurring, Sevyn has a decision to make. Will she reveal the truth and risk losing the love of her life? Or will she decide to keep it a secret and let things unfold on their own?

After feeling defeated, Rich constantly finds new ways to bind himself in Sevyn’s life. During his vengeful quest to win back the love of his life, Rich finds himself ruining everything he’s built. Hearts are broken, and lives are crumbled at the hands of this crazed and selfish ex-lover, who refuses to let go. Even after putting Sevyn through one of the most traumatic experiences of her life, fate still finds a way to tie him to her.

On top of the deadly feud between Rich and Adonis, Adonis now has other things in his life to fight for as bonds are weakened and loyalty is questioned. From the very beginning, Adonis promised to be there for Sevyn no matter the circumstance. With blood still being shed over the mean streets of Chicago, is Adonis still willing to go over and beyond to protect his love from Rich? Read part two of this three-part series to see the complications of being Trapped in The Arms of a Dope Boy.