Torn Without You 2

Part one left off right when Karmen finds out her baby’s father is her sister’s boyfriend. And boy do things heat up. In this last installment, all the secrets come to the surface, and many relationships are torn apart. Starting with Arielle and Karmen. The sister relationship is challenged when the true paternity comes to light.

Karmen is faced with life-changing choices, and she doesn’t know where her heart is leading her. Who’s the right man for her? Harlem? The pushover that does whatever her father tells him. Or Karmello? The street thug that’s opening new doors for her. Or Tristan? Her sister’s boyfriend who happens to be her child’s father as well.

But the drama doesn’t stop there. The skeletons in Shemar’s closet begin to catch up to him—quickly. Every good relationship he once had is tainted by his poison that he calls love. The Westbrooks manor starts to crumble in a domino effect.

In this page-turning finale, prepare yourself to find out what happens in this dysfunctional family affair.