Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door 2

“This finale is so good and keeps you entertained.” ~ Author Princess Diamond, Bestselling author.

Amazon bestselling authors Twyla T. and J. Dominique bring the anticipated conclusion of this urban fiction hood love series; Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door 2 return with revenge and unfinished business.

Mercedes is the definition of a survivor.

After suffering torment for years from Maine, Mercedes finds what real love is from Duke. She’s living life better than she thought until Maine puts a stop to it. He is not going quietly into the night, and Mercedes shows him that she’s not that weakling anymore. Survival is the name of the game, and Mercedes stops at nothing to keep her head above water. Duke finds himself in an unbelievable yet difficult position when he falls for Mercedes and develops a bond with her son. After learning what her ex, Maine, did to her for years, Duke vows to protect Mercedes at all costs. Maine tests Dukes vows to Mercedes when he finds out how strategic Maine is to get Mercedes back under his control. That is when Duke learns that there are no stones he wouldn’t turn over to keep Mercedes and her son safe.

Kiyah is the definition of a ride or die.

Falling in love was not in the game plan until Major entered into her life and turned it upside down. Kiyah didn’t know love could feel so good, but she wishes that her parents would understand her position and accept Major into her life. Yet, tragedy strikes before amendments can be made. Major has fallen head over heels for Kiyah, and he won’t let anyone interfere with what they have. Unfinished street business and his ex claiming him as her baby’s father are threatening the one person that he can’t bear to let go of. In order for Major to get out of the game, he has to deal with obstacles that threaten to demolish the piece of happiness, love, and peace that he has acquired. He will not rest until all threats are eliminated.

Find out how things turn out in the finale Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door 2.