Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door

From Amazon National Bestselling Authors Twyla T. and J. Dominique come with Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door a new, urban fiction hood love series about unexpected love, new beginnings, betrayal, jealousy, and get backs.

Mercedes is every man’s dream girl.
Underneath the slayed hair and beat face, Mercedes suffers in silence from the man she has given her heart and body to. Not to mention, she gave him a son. Nothing seems to please Maine and he takes even the smallest infraction out on Mercedes. Mercedes imprisoned within her life and she wants out of the relationship. But she doesn’t have anywhere to go. That is until, the guy next door crosses her path.

Duke, who has just moved to town, steps into his promotion as the newest street king, causing all types of havoc and an instant beef with one of his workers. Everything he works for is attainable; attaining Mercedes may be the best possession he has ever acquired.

Kiyah is every man’s perfect dream come true.
Underneath her outgoing personality, Kiyah doesn’t take ish off of anyone. She will run up on anybody, whether it’s a man or woman. She’s loyal to a fault, especially to her best friend Mercedes and her Godson. However, Kiyah’s previous failed relationship left her heart bruised. Because of this, she sworn off relationships and men for a while now. However, catching the eye of a very cocky man may just have Kiyah singing a different tune.

Major, a very confident man, legit businessman, and dangerous street king prepares to step down and pass on the empire to his best friend Duke. Amid this transaction and with an unknown war brewing, Major can’t help but surrender to the salacious spell Kiyah has put him under. Attaining Kiyah and her heart make having the money and empire worthwhile.

Follow the lives of Kiyah and Mercedes by reading this hot new series Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door by Twyla T. & J. Dominique.