Torn Between A Thug And A College Boy

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author Mae Scott comes an enthralling, beautifully crafted, new urban romance standalone. This emotion filled novel, Torn Between A Thug And A College Boy, will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

Some people say that you can’t be in love with two men. Londyn thought the same thing until it happened to her. Never would Londyn have thought she would ever be in love with two guys. Her thug boyfriend Red was the love of her life, and normally she would never give another guy the time of day. That all changed when her first love Red is sent to jail.

While Red was away, she meets a handsome and loving college guy named Curtis. As much as she tries not to fall for him she falls right into the palm of his hand. How will she break the news to Red that she is in love with another man. Who will she choose to be with once Red is out of jail?

Londyn is torn between the two, confused at which one to choose. She knows if she chooses Curtis that Red may harm him and she doesn’t want to be the reason his life is taken. Have you ever been in love with two guys and torn between the two? Eventually, you will have to choose one and hurt the other. Find who Londyn chooses in urban romance standalone, Torn Between A Thug And A College Boy.