To Be Honest: A Hood Millionaire Romance

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author, Kia Jones comes a gripping, hood millionaire romance series, To Be Honest. This stunning new novel is full of heart-shattering betrayal, new love, and loss.

One minute she’s in the act of catching her man cheating; the next minute, she’s the reason he’s doing a ten year bid.

After finding herself jumping to conclusions when it came to her baby daddy, Jaydee, Siyon has to live with the mess that she created, which left Jaydee locked away in prison. Like everyone else, Siyon counted Jaydee out, thinking he would be gone forever. Instead of returning the loyalty and love, she repaid him by moving on with her life with the one person she absolutely knew was off limits.

Fast forward ten years later, Jaydee is back and better. Just like he knew he would be. He’s looking better, feeling better with a bigger bag. He’s caught everyone’s attention, including a remorseful Siyon, and has even turned the heads of old enemies. But none of that matters because Jaydee decided behind those walls it was about his son and the money, virtually leaving everyone who knew him in the past in need to meet him all over again. But just because he’s not focused on those things doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t focused on him.

While Siyon has had a sudden change of heart, it’s the beautiful Jess who is also craving for Jaydee’s heart in lieu of his freedom. With her heart on the line, Jess is prepared to do whatever to show Jaydee she should have been the one to have his heart from the very start. It doesn’t matter that Siyon is her cousin. Jess has decided that blood ain’t thicker than water, and she will stoop lower than she ever has.

People can’t handle what they dish out, nor do they like to lay on the beds they made when it’s their turn. To be honest, everyone gets a turn, but what will they do with it?