To Be Honest 3: A Hood Millionaire Romance

For the first time in a long time, Siyon is completely on her own. No Mari stressing her out every chance he gets. No Jaydee at her beck and call when she wakes up in the morning. She’s finally starting to experience something that was inevitable—growth. With this newfound independence, she’s found herself out of touch with old situations and ways of life and more in touch with herself. The more Siyon changes for the better, the more she attracts attention from the wanted and the unwanted.

Jaydee finally got the closure he needed about his dark past and is now moving forward with less troubles, but there are still problems at hand that need to be dissolved. He’s coming to terms with a situation that he’s not willing to fake through anymore. He’s also coming to terms with an unsettling need for a certain someone.

Smiley can’t deny it anymore, he’s in love, and he’s willing to do anything to keep LaLa. Through it all, she’s been by his side, but when the going gets too tough, is it too late for Smiley? Has he burned every bridge she’s built just for him?

In the final part of this three-book saga, Kia Jones shows us the meaning of love in only a way she can. With each page turned, there’s a lesson to be learned. To be honest, you won’t want it to end.