To Be Honest 2: A Hood Millionaire Romance

“Someone please call 911.”

Siyon thought life couldn’t get any worse after the incident involving her deranged husband, Mari. She thought she’d already felt the unluckiest part of it all. She couldn’t have been more wrong.
A recovering Siyon has lost everything, even the clothes on her back. During her healing phase, she has no choice but to live with her baby daddy, Jaydee, temporarily. Being in the same house with the man she loved first, things were bound to get out of control. Siyon just didn’t know how out of control things could get.

Jaydee been on his own since he was a kid. Taking care of people around him was nothing new to him which is why he fell right into the role as Siyon’s caregiver. His temporary role taking care of his wounded baby mother started to clash with his permanent role as Blanca’s man. On top of everything going on, old nemeses still lurked around the corner along with unsettled troubles from the past that still haunts Jaydee.

Smiley is adapting to his new role as a dad while keeping up with his position as a cold blooded slayer. He and LaLa has come a long way but their  love is endangered with a dark turn of events.

With so much chaos lingering, there’s still a fight to the death for love. Sometimes love wins, sometimes it don’t.