Thug Holiday 5

“Look who’s back!! I was so excited to catch up with these wild siblings and their crazy ahh aunt. The drama is still on point, not missing a beat. A for sure must-read.” –Bestselling author Lakia

Bestselling authors Twyla T, Patrice Balark, J. Dominique, and Dani Littlepage team, up once again, to bring you this total engrossing drama-filled story, right in time for the holidays. Thug Holiday 5 fast forwards two years later, unveiling the Holiday sisters along with their Rock Boyz husband’s lives and how they are adjusting to marriage, family, and careers. In this story, trust is a major issue, relationships are thoroughly tested, and strong bonds could be obliterated. Through it, all, Andrea, Alyssa, Anastasia, and Alexis find out that real life is nothing like the fairytales.

Andrea is settling into motherhood and into being the wife of a street king with D’Mari. Being her own boss and having her own law firm are hard sometimes but well worth it. But when a case comes across her desk, it sends her mind-boggling frenzy. She has to decide if the case is worth taking or just leave it be. Will Drea say yes or no to a case that could really put her law firm on the map?

Alyssa loves Corey and Alana beyond words. Though, the many lonely nights at home, the endless amounts of broken promises, and raising their child alone while he’s running the street begin to take a toll on her. Voicing her concerns to her husband seems to only go in one ear and out the other, forcing Alyssa to consider other avenues to venture down. Will those avenues that she travels cause more harm than good?

With everything that they had gone through, you would think that there was nothing left for Anastasia and D’Mani to overcome, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Smooth sailing is not in the cards for them, so naturally, chaos shows up all dramatically, even on one of the most important days of their lives. With the latest hit to their love and relationship, will the highly intense couple overcome once again or will this be the final nail in their coffin?

With J.R. heavy in the streets, Alexis takes a more hands-on role in her club, including hiring new dancers. When a new recruit piqued her interest, Alexis is tempted to dive back into her old ways and get the best of both worlds. However, everything is not what it seems and could backfire on her in the worst ways if she goes down the forbidden rabbit hole. Will sexy Lexi stay on the straight and narrow or will she give into temptation, causing a wedge in her marriage?