Thug Holiday 2

Find out what happens to all of the Holiday sisters in the second installment of Thug Holiday 2: Christmas Edition.

Warning: This book contains a cliffhanger.

Thug Holiday 2 picks up where book one left off and continues with the scandalous and clandestine trysts of the Holiday sisters. Neither of the sisters could have dreamt of the secrets that were revealed during the Thanksgiving holiday visit. After the explosive blow up and surprise church announcement, the sisters returned to their lives in their respective states to deal with the fallout during the upcoming Christmas season.

Andrea Holiday is seen as “little miss perfect” and the “beckon of her daddy’s eye”; the one “who could do no wrong.” After all, she is on the verge of marrying a man, which he approves of, and isn’t pregnant out of wedlock…until she is! Now with her pregnancy confirmed, the easy go lucky relationship that she has with her parents is now a thing of the past. Andrea is a grown woman with a child on the way, a result of a one night stand. Will she finally break free and start to live life for herself and on her own terms? Or will she continue to live by her parents’ demands to please them?

Thinking about the new direction her life starts heading, Andrea decides to reach out to her baby’s father. However, can she go through with it and contact the man that gave her more than either one of them bargained for? Will she keep the baby a secret and become a single mom? Or will she do the right thing and allow him to make the choice of being in the baby’s life?

Anastasia Holiday is back in New York and ready to get on with her life without her bitter husband. However, Richard is not making the divorce easy by any means necessary. He is actively pursuing a tormenting vendetta against Anastasia. She has to resort to someone she never imagined for help. On the flipside, Anastasia’s saving grace in her relationship with D’Mani or is it? With relationship woes coming from every direction, can Anastasia withstand the mental stress of it all? Will she ever get the love and happiness that she so desperately wants?

Alyssa Holiday, back in New York with her fiancé, is making leeway with her first major FBI case. When some photographic evidence reveals a close relative, she decides not to turn over everything and not to inform her boss about her discovery. However, someone is plotting and the evidence goes missing and ends up in the wrong hands. Now, it’s too late and her credibility goes into question. Is Alyssa’s career over before it really even started? Will the discovered evidence caused more dissention between the family? With her job in jeopardy, will Alyssa prove her dad right by agreeing that all cops can’t be trusted?

Alexis Holiday returns to Georgia to settle unfinished business with her so-called best friend Bre. Still feisty as ever, Alexis moves on with her life and turns to her new lover JR. With all his secrecy, she figured he was a bad boy because she was very drawn to bad boys. However, Alexis discovers that his brand of badness is a little more than even she could handle. JR is willing to help with her money woes and give her the life that she always wanted…but at what price? Is there a line that she is unwilling to cross? Or will the temptation prove to be too great to pass up?

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