This Thug Love Got Me Trippin: A Youngstown Christmas

Christmas time is here, which means it’s time for Elle to head home to Youngstown Ohio to celebrate with her family and friends. She is disappointed her boyfriend Lawrence won’t be able to join her for the holiday due to him being the head attorney working on a high profile case, but she’s still excited to be going home, nonetheless.

She plans on celebrating her mother’s birthday and catching up with her family and friends. What she doesn’t count on is catching feelings for another man name Madrid. Madrid is a boxer on the rise who is super focused on going all the way to the top. He previously didn’t have time for anything close to love, until he meets the one person that makes him reconsider and he’s sprung.

The chemistry between them is undeniable from the start and they struggle to suppress the things they really feel. Elle has to choose between her head or her heart. Does she play it smart or take the risk that comes along with passion and love? Will Madrid be able to push past his need to be on top and pursue the one thing in his life that is missing?

You’ll have to read This Thug Love Has Me Trippin’: A Youngstown Christmas to see how this all unfolds.