This Thug Love Got Me Trippin: A Miami Christmas

Love and tragedy always has a way of bringing two people together, even when they try their best to fight it. But when the heart makes its decision, there is nothing anyone can do about it, even when they’re faced with the toughest decisions on what to do next.

When Khalid loses the two most valuable people in his life on Christmas Day, his world is torn and has never been the same. Still running the streets with no purpose and battling the daily demons who wants him to seek revenge, everything changes when he finds peace when he meets Avery.

Avery, a beautiful and educated woman dealing with the hurt in her life as well, struggles to love another man again. When her and Khalid creates an unbreakable bond, someone from her past intervenes and questions her loyalty.

When things turn for the worst, secrets are now uncovered, and their relationship is now on the line. Will these two put their past behind them and love each other? Or will their past keep them apart?